Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So I was at my friend Kieara's house when her mom asked if we were hungry and of course we said yes. She told us we were having shrimp and chicken pasta. I was like hells yea because I had already tasted her pasta before and knowing it was going to be like a party in my taste buds I was ecstatic. Why we had this meal I can't exactly tell you why. Maybe because she had already cooked it before and knew it was a hit. Who likes to try to cook food that they aren't exactly sure of the outcome in front of guest? No one, so cook what you know I guess. Or maybe it was because she had most of the ingredients already at the house or maybe because it was her daughter's birthday and it was her favorite meal. Like I said no one really knows. As a side dish we had garlic bread which they already had the spread and just cut up so garlic toast slices. As you look at the picture don't judge because the picture was taking too close so the food looks like slop but hey you never know till you try and it was amazing. The next thing I ate was donuts and that's because my Kieara had brought them and I like donuts. Maybe it is the tradition of eating donuts in the morning that made of buy these delectable treats. Probably because there was no Krispy Kreme in site and these were next in line. So take a look and hope you like the things I ate this weekend.